Complete PC & Internet peace of mind

MYInternetSecurity + MYPCTuneUp + MYPCHelp & Support

With MYUltimateSecurity you get the most comprehensive PC and Internet Security in the world!

... and at a very affordable price!

It is a 539.97 CAD value, today you can get it all for only 279.99 CAD!

Excluding VAT


149.99 CAD


279.99 CAD
The best Antivirus technology in the world
World class Anti-phishing
MYSecurityCenter Safepay, for safe online shopping
Online banking and credit card fraud protection
Internet Search advisor
Parental Control
Eliminates registry errors
Get your system back in shape and running at maximum speed
Extends the life of your PC
Unlimited help & support - a 219.99 CAD value!
Annual PC Clean-up service - a 109.99 CAD value!
Free installation service - a 29.99 CAD value!
Priority in support queue

What is MYUltimateSecurity
With our ULTIMATE subscription offering you simply can’t get more security and better service and attention. You get complete and unlimited protection, service and support from our certified IT professionals. You simply get FREE access to all our different software programs and services and with a very, very fair price. It contains, Antivirus, Internet Security, AntiSpyware, Firewall, Parental Control, AntiSpam, PC Performance optimization, Prioritized PC Help & Support, Expert suggestions, tips and tricks and much, much more. It simply gives you the ideal and best foundation for a hassle free, fast and uninterrupted experience surfing the Internet and working with your PC. With MYUltimateSecurity you will have no nightmares related to PC and Internet frustrations.
Why MYUltimateSecurity?
You get everything you need and much more in one easy subscription. Award winning software for protection of your PC and laptop, groundbreaking and best in the industry service and support, with unlimited phone support, personalized remote PC and expert help and security suggestions and recommendations form our certified specialists in Internet security.
What does MYUltimateSecurity protect against?
This subscription only contains our best and newest software and technologies. Use your computer without any worries about virus attacks, spam, phishing and other threats from malicious code and programs as well as unpleasant encounters with cyber criminals. With this subscription you are covered as good as you can be against any given IT threat that might come your way.
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