MYPCTuneUp 2014

MYPCTuneUp 2019

Breathe new life into your slow PC and Increase overall performance

Can increase your PCs performance by up to 200% stabilizing the PC and reducing the need to re-start.
What is MYPCTuneUp?
Most PC´s and computers are getting slower and slower as time goes. With our unique software you can turn back time and get it to perform like if you bought it yesterday. With MYPCTuneUp you can conduct a complete scan and clean of your PC. You can remove cookies, files, trash and duplicates which unfortunately constantly are stored in your registry. MYPCTuneUp restores the computers original resources, capacity and performance, so you again and always can surf the net and work at maximum speed.
Why MYPCTuneUp?
We have made it very simple and easy to extend the lifetime of your computer. The philosophy and idea behind MYPCTuneUp is a simple and intuitive user-interface and control panel where you in a few clicks and minutes can get your computer back in top shape again, from slow to very fast!
How does MYPCTuneUp work?
Every time you use your computer, install new programs and surf the Internet a whole string of temporary files are being changed. Some of these actions and commands are attached with various big or minor issues, mainly caused by Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Many of these issues can only be removed again by specialized software like MYPCTuneUp. MYPCTuneUp scan the complete hard drive for these types of issues and removes them all.
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