Das Hauptunternehmen wurde 2003 von mehreren dänischen Entrepreneurs gegründet. Heute hat die MYSecurityCenter Gruppe Büros in den grössten Ländern Europas und hat erfolgreich neue Produkte und Firmen gestartet. Das Ziel ist, weltweit der grösste und zuverlässigste Lieferant für PC, Internet und Mobilfunkprodukte für Endverbraucher zu werden.

Was uns unterscheidet

We focus 100% on the B-to-C market, with a total focus on consumer demands. Customer support is deemed highly relevant for our users and is prioritised accordingly. We are known for our very extensive and free localised end-user support as well as our "100% Satisfaction or money-back" guarantee.

We provide full localised support – all support issues are handled within 24 hours and we support 11 different languages covering most of Western Europe and the US.

We have a vendor-independent strategy which gives us flexibility to choose whatever products are deemed best in the market at any given time. This strategy also gives us the opportunity to have one of the widest and best product ranges in the entire industry. Couple this with the most aggressive Affiliate Program in the industry we time and time again find ourselves in a very unique and rather competitive situation where we often have a better proposition than some of our fellow competitors.

Our size and independency gives us the opportunity to form strategic relationships with the largest and world renowned software vendors, these are publicly recognised leaders and developers of the best security applications around such as Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Spam-filtering, Parental Control, Online Backup, Internet Security Suites, Anti Theft Protection, Internet Reputation Management, Child Identity Protection etc. It ensures that our partners will always be able to offer their customers the best, most complete and most needed range of products and delivered all from one and the same supplier!

Another very important advantage is our easy-to-use software. We strive to have the simplest, but most efficient product lines compared to top vendors. We also use consistent graphics and user interface for both offline and online products. All our software has the same look and feel with simplicity!

Our software has been developed with a clear focus on the end user and the user interface has been developed by world renowned Frog Design and ZUPA one of the top design companies in the world, designing for companies like Apple, Disney etc.

Our customers

We have more than 17 million users, whereas 6 million have registered with us, and more than 500.000 paying subscribers.

Partners are key

70% of all users generated in association with big hardware manufacturers (OEM´s), retailers, online banks, e-tailers, community based websites, magazines and newspapers. The rest of our users are generated online via our website, through banners, promotions etc.

New products & new companies

Under the MYSecurityCenter brand award winning products like MYInternetSecurity, MYSecureOnlineBackup, MYPCTuneUp, MYPC Help & Support, MYTheftProtection, MYSecureUSBDrive are produced and sold. MYSecurityCenter solely concentrate on the consumer security market.

In addition we have MYPC Help & Support. MYMacSupport. MYPCStarterkit and MYMacStarterkit are soon to be launched.


Is totally unique and the first of its kind. It is a complete compilation and offering all you need for your new PC. Within MYPCStaterkit´s trusted partners are Microsoft, Skype, EA Games, TDC, Google, MYPC Help & Support and many more. It’s a product which is a must for all people buying a new PC and it is widely distributed by the largest electronic retail chains throughout the words where many of them actually give it away as a free add-on to the PC.

MYPC Help & Support

Is offering professional technical remote service and support to all private and small office customers. We fix PC, Internet, software, hardware as well as peripheral product problems people might have. We offer immediate and unlimited email, phone and “Remote-Takeover” service, support and assistance in your own language.

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