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We are an internet security company solely focusing on selling our award winning products to private consumers. We see the internet overloaded with companies trying to make the quick buck and not focusing on customer satisfaction and retention.

Many people still don’t feel safe buying online, so for that reason alone it is important to increase the trust and credibility of online shops.

That’s why we have created MYSecurityCenter Trust & Credibility Test Certificate. It is a test and certification for commercial websites that deal with private consumers. Once the site has passed our test and has been certified it means that the website complies with all our defined criteria and that they deliver their product and services according to their promises.

With the MYSecurityCenter Internet Test & Credibility certificate we hope to help with eliminating unethical online businesses and encourage others to focus on fair, correct and ethical trading on the internet in every aspect of their online business.

What is the MYSecurityCenter Internet Trust & Credibility Test Certification?

The Test:

The MYSecurityCenter Trust & Credibility test is conducted by our Internet security experts.

They access every area of your website, conduct test purchases and test your customer service as well.

They create an analysis and if improvements are needed you will receive comments and suggestions on how to improve in order to pass our test.

Our experts have an extensive list of criteria that is the base of their test. Please click the tab ”Criteria we analyse and test” to see the complete list of test criteria.

The certificate:

Once your site has passed the test you get the right to display our test and credibility certificate on your website as well as linking to our site. This has proven to have several important positive impacts on your website as well as your business in general. Please click the tab ”What do you get with the certification” to see more.

Why should you have your site tested and certified?

With an open and proactive internet trust & credibility strategy and policy you can improve the perception of your website and company. Having the right attitude online and treating your visitors and customers fairly and with respect is proven to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction and recommendations.

With the MYSecurityCenter Internet Trust & Credibility test you will from independent experts know if you treat your users fairly and with respect and in line with what is expected online. You will on an on-going basis get suggestions and recommendations on where to improve until you and your website pass our test. Every year at renewal time our experts will overlook your website to make sure your site is still in line with our guidelines.

What is our test criteria?

The MYSecurityCenter Trust & Credibility test is conducted by our Internet security experts. They access every area of your website, conduct test purchases and test you customer service as well. They create an analysis and if improvements are needed you will receive comments and suggestions on how to improve in order to pass our test.

Below you can see the set of criteria our experts base their test upon:

  1. Is your website safe to browse and visit?
  2. Is your website easy and simple to maneuver and understand and does it provide a good transparency before, during and after a purchase?
  3. Are prices and all other potential costs and fees clearly displayed?
  4. Do you have the right security certificates, is it SSL encrypted and use safe payment gateways?
  5. Is your company and your website reliable and to be trusted?
  6. Do you deliver the products and the quality you market and promise?
  7. Are your Terms and Conditions as well as your End User License Agreement clearly displayed and easy understandable?
  8. Does the general terms include fair cancellation and return rights, do you get a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, etc.
  9. Are subscription terms, renewal terms and prices clearly displayed…..and fair?
  10. Are your services, like support, delivery time in line or better than what is normally expected online….and are they clearly displayed?
  11. Do you clearly display information’s such as how to get support, who is the owner of the website, who is the management, do they display email addresses, do they display phone numbers to call etc.
  12. Does the site clearly inform you about the handling and security of your personal data? Does the site clearly display and explain if they sell or give them away to third party, and do they only do so if you have been giving them the permission to?
  13. Is the site committed to a no spam policy and respect if you unsubscribe to newsletters and email offers?

What do you get with the certification?

  • You get an extensive and comprehensive assessment of your website from our experts
  • If your site does not pass our criteria you will get suggestions and recommendations on how increase fairness, as well as credibility and customer credibility.
  • When your website passes the test, you are entitled to display our Trust & Credibility test logo on your website. You will be entitled to refer and link to this site, where we refer to and display your website under the list of url´s which have passed our test. You are allowed to refer to, display logos and links to the charities we support as ones you also support

How much does it cost?

Initial extensive test and 1 year use of logo:

Small Business 299 EUR
Mid-size Business 499 EUR
Enterprise Business 999 EUR

When your website passes the test the price paid will allow you to display our logo, link to our site and refer to the charities we and you support for the next 12 months.

Yearly renewals:

Small Business 99 EUR
Mid-size Business 199 EUR
Enterprise Business 299 EUR
Click here to get in contact with one of representatives and get more info about our Trust & Credibility test!

Support online charity activities!

With MYSecurityCenter Internet Trust & Credibility you will support various online charity organizations and activities. Right now we donate 50% of the total revenue from our Internet Trust & credibility assessments and certificates to the following online charities:

If you have suggestions and recommendations on charities you think we should consider, please don´t hesitate to contact us at: with your recommendations

Certified Websites

Below you will find all the websites which have passed the MYSecurityCenter Internet Trust & Credibility test, therefore have the right to display our logo and refer to the test, the charities we support as well as linking to this site:

Free advice service!

Do you want free advice before shopping online or are you not sure about a certain online webshop or some of their terms and conditions, or maybe just want a second opinion on a purchase you are about to make, you can contact our internet experts for free advice on this email address:

We will also recommend that you read through these online shopping guidelines before shopping:

  1. Always look for security certifications and SSL encryptions before shopping.
  2. Always pay with credit card so you are covered by the standard rules for cancellation of order.
  3. Read carefully about the product(s) you are about to purchase
  4. Always read terms and conditions, lots of the less serious sites can be adding unfair renewals prices, subscriptions etc. without informing you loud and clear.
  5. Try to browse Google for info and data on the shop and the owner if you become suspicious. It can often give you an indication if they have acted bad or unethical before.
  6. Always save payment and purchase notification emails.
  7. Check out the websites user ratings on customer rating sites like It can always give you a good indication about other customers view on the shop and the services.
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