MYTheftProtection 2014

MYTheftProtection 2017

Seuraa, jäljitä ja löydä kadonneet tai varastetut tietokoneesi ja puhelimesi

Recover your stolen data or hardware. Anytime. Anywhere.
1 user version
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3 user version
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What is MYTheftProtection?
Innovative and very simple to use theft protection for your computer. If you should be so unlucky to lose your PC or get it stolen, MYTheftProtection gives you a unique opportunity to track, trace and monitor your computer.You get localization via GPS technology and Google Maps. Detailed information about the unauthorized use of your PC, pictures via the webcam as well and the opportunity to communicate with the thief or user.
Lataa, ole hyvä ja odota...
Lataa, ole hyvä ja odota...