MYSecureOnlineBackup 2012

MYSecureOnlineBackup New 2016 version!

The most comprehensive online backup solution on the market!

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- the renown worldwide leader on online backup
100% Money Back Guarantee
What is MYSecureOnlineBackup?
Secure and automated backup and store of all your most important memories and files. It is very simple to get started, it only take a few minutes. Thereafter the first and complete synchronization of your files starts automatically and via our secure servers. With MYSecureOnlineBackup you get your online life safe and protected and it gives you the peace of mind you need and deserve.
Why MYSecureOnlineBackup?
MYSecureOnlineBackup is very user friendly and is the easy and much safer backup and store alternative to external hard drives. And the technology is simply the best in the entire industry. It is developed together with world renowned leader in online backup Mozy, which the last couple of years have developed the best technology. When the program is installed you have no worries, it is running 100% automatically, you simply don’t have to worry about losing your important files ever again. We have done our very best to put the user experience in focus and therefore we offer UNLIMITED backup for a very, very affordable price.
How does MYSecureOnlineBackup work?
When you install MYSecureOnlineBackup for the first time a secure and encrypted connection takes place between your computer and secure data centers. Hereafter all you files and folders will be synchronized and updated daily, so you at any given time can feel safe and get access to your files and data if needed. It is a simple, easy to use and cheap alternative to backup on external hard drives.
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