MYPC Help & Support

MYPC Help & Support

UNLIMITED PC and Internet Service & Support from IT professionals!

Immediate response guarantee - Unlimited phone support - "Remote Takeover" and much more!

Do you have problems with your PC?
- Don’t worry, we fix any software or internet issues you might have!
1 user version
149.99 EUR
3 user version
229.99 EUR
- can be installed on 3 PC's

See 'Terms & prices' for details
( Excluding VAT )

What is MYPC Help & Support?
With a MYPC Help & Support subscription you get access to your own and dedicated IT expert. He will be ready to give you unlimited help and support with any PC, hardware, software and Internet related issue or problem you might have. It is unlimited access to our team of certified and very competent IT technicians and supporters. You also get guarantee for immediate help and prioritization in the queue.
Why MYPC Help & Support?
Our experienced technicians have a very deep and knowledgeable insight in both our own products as well as most of the other popular programs out there. They always do their utmost to solve whatever problem our customers may have, fast, hassle free and as convenient as possible for the customer.With MYPC Help & Support you get professional help instantly which gives you the ability to move on.
How does MYPC Help & Support work?
Depending of the problem you are facing we will appoint the appropriate specialist and tools available. MYPC Help & Support contains unlimited phone and remote takeover service and support. Our supporters can access your computer and control it and fix the problem fast, without you needing to do anything. Sit down, relax, have a cup of coffee while we get the work done, fast and securely.
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