MYSecureUSB 16GB

MYSecureUSB 16GB

Probably the most secure USB drive in the World

Including - award winning Password Protection & Data Encryption technology allowing only you to access your data

Smart Design - Fits easily in your purse or wallet - you will never lose it!
Silver key
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1599.99 RUB

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What is MYSecureUSB?
MYSecureUSB is a secure, easy and simple mobile way to store and transport data and files when needed. MYSecureUSB is probably the most inexpensive first class USB stick on the market today. It is a very inexpensive and affordable USB pen drive which is very simple for everyone to use MYSecureUSB is a 16 Gb usd drive which contains password protected and 64 bit data encryption technology. It allows you to transport all your important files if needed in a very secure way. It fits perfectly in your pocket, keychain or wallet. And with the pre-installed and award winning MYEasyLock it protects your data if you lose it or get it stolen. Only you will be able to get access to your data. With the 16 GB capacity it can contain more than the average user needs, and still be inexpensive 32 GB or 64 GB can obviously contain much more data, but it can be expensive. Therefore we find that the 16 GB is enough for most and also very affordable..
Why MYSecureUSB?
Normally we use lots of resources on protecting our computers against theft, hackers and unauthorized use. But we often forget that we from time to time have lots of very important files stored on a USB drive. We add them when we need to move and transport files but are not very good to remove them again afterwards. With MYSecureUSB you can finally deal with and handle this problem and threat. In addition MYSecureUSB is extremely easy and user friendly as well as difficult to lose as it fit in your wallet or keychain.
How does MYSecureUSB work?
The new MYSecureUSB is in many ways very different from normal USB sticks. The high storage capacity, 16 or 32 GB, that can store all the important files and documents you might need to transport. Our unique design and award winning MYEasyLock security software makes it extremely easy and very secure to add your date on a transportable storage device. And with the great and exclusive design combined with the high security level it makes MYSecureUSB the ideal choice for the ones taking their security, devices and gadgets seriously
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