MYTheftProtection 2014

MYTheftProtection 2017

Track, trace and retrieve your lost computers

Recover your stolen data or hardware. Anytime. Anywhere with Geolocation, Data Encryption, Remote Data Retrieval and Computer Lock Down.
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3 user version
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What is MYTheftProtection?
Innovative and very simple to use theft protection for your computer. If you should be so unlucky to lose your PC or get it stolen, MYTheftProtection gives you a unique opportunity to track, trace and monitor your computer.You get localization via GPS technology and Google Maps. Detailed information about the unauthorized use of your PC, pictures via the webcam as well and the opportunity to communicate with the thief or user.
Why MYTheftProtection?
If your computer and your data are important to you, your work and private life, it is essential to invest proactively in your safety.If you should be so unlucky to lose your PC or get it stolen, MYTheftProtection can help you getting it back in your hands quickly again. Even if you can’t get the computer back you can via remote access get your data back and then afterwards encrypt and wipe your PC.
How does MYTheftProtection work?
It is quick and easy to install MYTheftProtection and protect your PC against theft and losses. As soon as the product has been installed and configured the secure and encrypted line between your computer and our servers that you can access your PC, files and key features if it is lost. The only requirement is that the computer at any given time gets connected to the internet again.
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