Posted on 26 of October

Google launches new website about staying safe on the Internet

The importance of staying safe on the internet is gaining more and more awareness. Being the world´s largest search engine, Google has decided to take an active part in making people more prepared to face the privacy and security threats online. Therefore, they have just launched a new campaign called Good to Know. It’s a site with a practical guide that teaches you how to stay safe while navigating the web.

”In the past few years, we’ve tried to make it easier for our users to learn about staying safe online by equipping them with a variety of tools through our Privacy, Security, and Family Safety centers. The new Good to Know website builds on this commitment by explaining things in simple language. The in-depth resources are still there, but we hope a one-stop-shop resource will make this information more accessible for everyone”, writes Google´s Privacy Policy Counsel in a company blog.

MYSecurityCenter´s IT-manager Tomas Bartkus is positive about the new initiative. He says: “I recommend the Good to Know site to everyone that is concerned about Internet safety. It covers a variety of topics, including passwords, phishing, malware, secure sites, safe networks, mobile security, family and shopping safety, and Google security tools.” He adds that everyone with doubts about what security solutions they should choose to protect their PC or smartphone the best way, are welcome to contact support@mysecuritycenter.com

Visit Google´s new site on www.google.com/goodtoknow/



Posted on 11th of February

Top Nordic Android Magazine gives MYMobileSecurity top marks for being one of the best mobile security providers in the market

Are you protected?

The enormous and fast growing success of MYMobileSecurity and the team behind it is beginning to get noticed thanks to the fantastic article published recently in the top Nordic magazine, Android.

MYMobileSecurity is today amongst the leaders in the Mobile security industry and with partners and customers like Samsung, LG, Orange, Z, Vodafone, Telefonica, Verizon, TELE2, Tesco and many more it has very fast become an established leader in the ever so rapidly growing Mobile security industry. The technology behind MYMobileSecurity is used today by more than 60 million customers worldwide and they cover all major platforms, like Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

The owners of the company, Danish Janus Nielsen and Swedish Kevin Freij are behind the huge success and the release of the article is of course extremely well-timed with the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The article centres on the attack of Mobile viruses and the susceptibility to hacking that is indeed becoming a fast growing problem and many people haven’t yet given thought to protecting their smartphone in the way they would protect their PC – but why not? There is a fast growing number of people who are now using their smartphones and tablets to do all the things they were doing on their PCs including entering extremely sensitive information like passwords and banking information over Wi-Fi networks. MYAndroid Protection is a fully featured and comprehensive protection package providing Antivirus & Malware protection, Real-time monitor, Backup & Data recovery, Protection against theft & losses as well as Credit Card & identity theft protection. It scans the whole phone and not just the applications. Access to data, locking down and blocking of your stolen or lost device is simply done by sending a text message with a code from another phone. The application is available free for a trial period of 30 days and includes automatic updates and full customer support. It’s also available in Danish!

In the Spring, the company hope to have other security products available in Danish too: MYMobile Bodyguard, MYMobile KidsProtection and MYMobile TuneUp.


To read the article in English please click here:
To read the original article in Danish please click here:

Posted on 8th of February

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 14-17 February in Barcelona

The must-attend annual gathering of the mobile industry – The Mobile World Congress (MWC) – opens its doors in Barcelona on February 14th. The mobile ecosystem is in the midst of an unprecedented wave of transformation. As business models adapt, new verticals and players emerge. Technology evolves, perceptions shift and lives are improved. At the MWC, its 365,000m2 of floor space will contain 50,000 senior mobile leaders from 200 countries, so there will be plenty of items on the agenda for the week to keep its visitors busy. The CEOs from both MYSecurityCenter and MYMobileSecurity will be there presenting their new products MYMobile Protection, MYAndroid Protection and MYMobile Bodyguard. In addition the aim is to find out first hand what’s new in the Mobile Market and also to see what some of the big telecom companies will be unveiling of course. This is undoubtedly the best venue for mobile industry networking, finding business opportunities and making deals.

If you will be going to the Congress in Barcelona and wish to meet us there, please do not hesitate to drop us a line: sam@mysecuritycenter.com

Together, we are leading the transformation!



Internet safety for children should be given priority

These days almost every country around Europe is running campaigns for safety online. Campaigns designed to help children and teenagers to learn to behave safely online, and protect them against unpleasant experiences. The campaigns are very necessary says Janus R Nielsen, from MYSecurityCenter one of Europe's leading companies within PC, Internet and Mobile safety for private consumers.

"As a responsible company, we understand the importance of increasing people's understanding on how to keep their children safe whilst online" Janus Nielsen CEO of MYSecurityCenter. "That is exactly why we have agreed to participate very actively in the nationwide campaign as we consider this as an extremely serious campaign "Netsikker nu".


New website released SOON!

At this moment we are working very hard to get our brand new website ready. We are launching a whole new identity, strategy, website and the broadest product ranges in the industry.

All our products have the same very simple design; there is a clear line through our website and our products. Simple and easy to use and at the best price is our goal. Website and products has been developed together with highly acclaimed Zupa and Frog Design, which among others are behind the design of many of the successful Apple and Disney products.

"We wanted to create the best and easiest possible website with the absolute best user interface and that’s why we turned to the best in the business. It has been almost a 2 year journey with thousands of hours of work, but we are sure our customers are going to appreciate the simplicity and ease of use" Janus R Nielsen, CEO of MYSecurityCenter.

Keep an eye on: www.mysecuritycenter.com, a lot will happen in the near future.

Become a friend on Facebook and win an iPhone

Along with our brand new identity, strategy, and website we are now on Facebook. Within our profile you will find competitions, great offers and news about internet safety.

You now have the chance to win an iPhone, all you have to do is go into our profile, become a friend and write a comment about your MYSecurityCenter Product and experience. The winner will be published on Facebook on the 18th of June.


High Ranking Award for the technology behind MYInternetSecurity, CA and MYFreeAntivirus

MYSecurityCenter currently has the most recommended and trusted security software on the market. Our software has already won several awards and certificates. The latest being the Checkmark Platinum Product Award from highly acclaimed West Coast Labs. Only 4 vendors have earned this highest of awards within the security software industry. The only other vendors are Kaspersky, AVG and Webroot. Amongst others, Symantec and McAfee have not earned this award!

Read more http://blog.mysecuritycenter.com/2010/05/28/high-ranking-award-for-the-technology-behind-myinternetsecurity-and-myfreeantivirus

Did you know:

  • The earthquake in Haiti has increased the volume of scam and phishing messages when spammers use this tragic event to benefit.
  • China ranks the highest in malicious activity, reaching 25% of the total worldwide.
  • Cyber attacks disadvantage many Companies, 75% of the largest companies suffered from cyber attacks in the last 12 months, with average losses reaching U.S. $ 2 million per year.
Laddar, var god vänta...
Laddar, var god vänta...